Mobile Nail Service For Events and Gifting

Our event manicure and pedicure services can be booked for events of any size, or as a unique gift to a client.

How It Works

Starting at just 15 minutes per person, our mobile nail service for events can satisfy a large number of guests. Or we can help you create a small private event for your or a client, complete with manicures, pedicures, and massages.


Pick Services

We offer a variety of event services, including quick polish changes, or full spa service for more intimate gatherings, including gel manicures, spa pedicures, and nail art.


Estimate Number of Guests

Determine how many guests will likely participate in getting the service. If you are unsure, no worries – someone from our team will help you plan your event.


Determine Budget

Our event minimum is 3 hours for 1 nail technician at $85 per hour. Prices will vary depending on number of event locations, services requested, and distance.


Quick Setup

Small Footprint

Private Booking

Quick Payment

Booking Reminders

Single-Use Tools

Premium Products

Additional Insured

Event Menu

There is a minimum of 3 hours required to book a visit. Appointments are fully subsidized only.


$85 Hour / Technician

Polish Change

In just 15 minutes, our polish change includes a quick file and buffing, and two coats of polish and top coat. Guests can choose from over 20+ shades from Essie Couture. Cuticle pushback and massage is not included in this service.

$85 Hour / Technician

Regular Manicure

In as little as 20 minutes, this pampering mani brings a luxurious experience to the office. On top of our usual shaping, buffing, and cleanup, this manicure includes cuticle treatment, two coats of polish, and a hand massage with finishing creme to keep hands soft and moisturized.

$100 Hour / Technician

Gel Manicure

In just over 30 minutes, we’ll give you a chip-proof gel manicure that lasts up to two weeks. After shaping, cleaning, clipping, filing, and cuticle grooming, a technician applies two layers of CND Shellac, plus a top coat, cured under high-tech CND lamps.


$100 Hour / Technician

Express Pedicure

Our waterless pedicures are performed in 30 minutes or less – no need to soak your toes in a tub of questionable cleanliness. Pedicures include cleaning, clipping, filing, and flawless polish application.

$120 Hour / Technician

Express Pedicure +Collagen Socks

Waterless pedicure but with collagen socks for added softness that lasts. Both pedicures include cleaning, clipping, filing, and a precise polish application and massage. Add an extra 5 minutes for collagen socks.

Book MANIORPEDI at Your Next Event

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Let us know what services you’d like and how many technician you need – we promise to make your experience great.