About Us

We’re a husband and wife team who met at a co-working space and founded beauty startup MANIORPEDI.

MANIORPEDI Founders - Joseph Orr and Paulina Serrato

Our Story

MANIORPEDI was founded in 2016 by Paulina Serrato and Joseph Orr, two Upper East Side residents who met at a WeWork, fell in love, and decided to bring nails to the office and service events for clients in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

After taking a stroll down 3rd Avenue with their puppy Benji and seeing a large number of salons without clients, an idea emerged. The couple returned home immediately and began laying the foundations for what was to become New York’s Mobile Nail Salon.

Combining their backgrounds in both retail, marketing, and design, the two knew what it would take to make this work. They made it their mission to to build the most talented and professional team of employees and specialists who make people look and feel beautiful.

Everyone’s Favorite Perk, Benefit, and Essential In-Office Service.

In a world where time is constantly crunched and people work long-hours in the office, it’s difficult for employees to find time for beauty and self-care. MANIORPEDI presents itself as an opportunity for clients to show their appreciation to hard-working people in the convenience of their own office or event. Increase productivity, headcount, and employee satisfaction with regular MANIORPEDI visits or a one-off experience.

Mobile Nail Salon


Everyone deserves a MANIORPEDI moment. We promise to deliver:

Quality Technicians

Nail technicians are artists and sometimes therapists. When hiring, we ensure that our technicians not only know how to use a brush and are licensed, but also have the strong people skills necessary to make guests feel ultra-comfortable.

Quality Products

To maintain the highest hygiene and safety standards, we’ve designed a single-use manicure kit, which includes a file, buffer, and cuticle pushback. This is free after every visit for all guests. We also offer latest polishes from Essie and CND Shellac.

Quality Service

We make it easy for clients to book our services – and we take pleasure in helping clients plan their event. We use leading web, email, and SMS technology to ensure guests can seamlessly book, and be notified of their upcoming appointment.