Safety Policy

Safety is Our #1 Priority

From the moment you book an appointment, until we clean up, you can rest assured we are focused on all areas of privacy and personal safety.

  • Single-Use Tools – our files, buffers, and wooden cuticle pushbacks are one-time-use and given to guests after each appointment. Salts, soaks, scrubs, and masks also come in single-use pouches to ensure purity.
  • Experienced Technicians – Our technicians go through a rigorous background check and practical exam before joining the team. Additionally, our technicians are licensed and must complete in-depth training before being assigned a client.
  • Product Control – Our technicians use the products we supply them with – no their own! Supplies are single-use, non-diluted, and purchased from trusted suppliers. To ensure each experience is safe, we’ve also eliminated the cutting of cuticles.
  • Licensed & Insured – we are a registered New York S-Corporation with all of the required licensing to operate in any office building. In order to reduce liability, we also possess blanket additional insured coverage of up to $5,000,000 for those who require it.


Faces Covered. Hands Washed. Gloves On. If you’re a client of ours, you know our company is rooted in a one-time-use philosophy. However, as offices start opening back up and book regular visits and events with us, our team is taking extra measures to ensure our clients and community are safe from COVID-19.

In addition to our general safety protocols, we’re also making the following mandatory for all employees & technicians:

  • Techs Must Wear KN95 Masks
  • Use of LUCAS-CIDE Disinfectant
  • Everything Disposable

If you have any questions regarding your personal information or wish to correct or change any of your personal information, please contact

Our technicians must adhere to the following guidelines:

We strive to keep our environment and clients safe from COVID-19 and other dangerous bacteria and viruses:

  • Nail technicians experiencing symptoms are immediately taken off schedules until they are healthy for 14 days
  • Nail technicians exposed or in states at high-risk will be taken off the schedule until they are healthy for 14 days
  • Nail technicians who travel internationally will not be allowed to work and will be taken off the schedule (30 days)
  • Wear a KN95 face mask completely covering the nose and mouth while working, and replace the mask as they move from one office to the next
  • Sanitize all equipment and surfaces with an enhanced disinfectant (LUCAS-CIDE) upon arrival and between all appointments
  • As we’ve always done, only perform work with new, single-use files, buffers and cuticle push backs and gloves
  • Wear clean branded t-shirts provided by MANIORPEDI.COM
  • Wash hands regularly and disinfect hands before making contact with clients
  • Actively communicate with MANIORPEDI.COM managers to inform them of any illness or upcoming travel plans

We ask that clients follow these guidelines:

Do not book an appointment with us if:

  • You are experiencing any symptoms related to COVID-19
  • You have traveled internationally within the last 30 days
  • You had experienced symptoms over the past 2 weeks or you have not been cleared by a doctor
  • Anyone you know in your office or residence has knowingly been exposed to COVID-19

When booking with us, please keep these requests in mind:

  • Wash your hands and arms rigorously before your appointment
  • Keep your face covered at all times – that means nose and mouth
  • Bring your own nail polish if that makes you more comfortable
  • Provide access to a sink so that our technicians can wash their hands
  • Refrain from hugging or shaking hands with nail technicians
  • Keep a minimum distance of 6′ as advised by the CDC
  • Keep pets and other animals away from equipment