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We get thanked for our services all the time. Clients say having maniorpedi come in and do in-office manicures and pedicures has not only helped improve corporate culture, but also save employees time and increase productivity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to subsidize the each visit?

This all depends on the size of your company.If you are a smaller company, we ask that you subsidize the entire experience, which guarantees a certain % of the total number of employees will show up. For larger companies with 250+ employees, we offer both subsidized and non-subsidized plans.

How do subsidized payments work?

We charge an hourly subsidized rate, which varies depending on the services you select for your employees. Each month, we calculate the total # of hours each month, and invoice the client at the start of the month for the full hourly amount.

Is there a minimum contract term?

When you work with, you are agreeing to at least a 30-day pilot to assess interest and show how amazing our services are. Once the 30 days is up, we will request clients to sign an agreement for at least 6 months to continue - whether the employees pay for it or not.

Are there any special discounts?

After the 30-day pilot program is over, we give 10% to companies who sign a 12 month agreement.

What type of space do I need?

All we'll need is a conference room, massage room, or bar that can seat up to 4 people. We'll need chairs, ample lighting, and access to power for our nail dryers.

Do you offer marketing help and support?

Yes, we create a custom booking link, fully branded with your logo and colors, as well as emails, digital display ads, posters, and printable handouts to sell the idea to your employees!

Is there a minimum time per visit?

There is a 3 hour minimum per visit. If we don't see many appointments being booked, we have the right to cancel the arrangement.

Are walk-ins welcome?

We prefer people book an advance, but walk-ins are welcome. We can only take walk-ins within the timeframe established - meaning, if our end time is 3pm, and someone wants a 20-min Manicure, they'd have to walk-in and book at 2:40pm - if they wanted gel at this same time (takes 45-min) we cannot guarantee the availability.

How long do the appointments take?

For corporate appointments, timing ranges from 20 minutes for Standard Manicures and No-Polish Pedicures, to 40 minutes for Gel Manicures and Polished Pedicures. Nail Art (coming soon) takes approximately 60 minutes.

Are people going to be bothered by the smell?

Overall, our products have less thinner in them, so the scent is minimal. However, we are able to bring diffusers to appointments if there are complaints.